What is Solos

Cycle Smart with Solos Smart Glasses and App

Leverage the computing power of a personal Android or iOS mobile device along with the Solos app for an unparalleled cycling experience.


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  • Customize your experience with key metrics
  • Flexible selection from supported data

Ghost Rider

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  • Improve your ride measuring against your previous ride performances
  • Real-time ghost rider feedback from your Phone


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  • Supports BLE and ANT+ sensors
  • Connects to off-the-shelf sensors


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  • Save your favorite rides
  • Beat your own route performance


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  • Easy splits creation by time, distance or manually
  • Performance analytics split per lap on each ride


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  • Easily share your data with  Strava, MapMyRide, Training Peaks
  • Connect and share with Facebook and Twitter


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  • Available turn-by-turn navigation
  • Receive audio and visual cues


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  • View your single ride or all-time statistics
  • Review your performance improvements
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Targets, Laps, Rides. Make it yours!

Solos is a powerful combination of sensors, analytics and high performance smart glasses that will make your rides, faster, easier and more fun.

Solos Wearables mobile app
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What’s happening
As it’s happening


Hit your performance thresholds, find your next turn, see who’s calling or just get your latest social feed update.  Stay real-time and connected.

Personalize & Share Anywhere, Anytime!

Solos Smart Glasses and our powerful Solos App give you the flexibility to customize what you see, what you record and what you share.

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Cycling GPS

Track where you are with GPS


Integrated with your smartphone, Solos can show you where you are, where you’ve been and where you need to go.

Connect your sensors. Start your ride.

ANT+, Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE – Connect your sensors and hit the road.