Our Augmented Senses – The Future of Sports Performance is Now!

In my 20+ years in the fitness and digital health market sectors, I have seen it all; bike computers, power sensors, heart rate monitors, wearables, smart watches, patch wearables, smart apparel and the list goes on. From start-ups to global brands, companies are developing new devices to help you capture that missing piece of data that will drive you to purchase their products. As athletes, we are obsessed with data. That is no secret. The big question is does this myriad of information about your training session actually help you? You see, a data point doesn’t matter much if you either don’t know what to do with it, or it is not delivered to you in a manner which is useful in helping you to achieve your goals. The real opportunity is for innovators to provide athletes and consumers with a more personalized user experience that helps them achieve what they want – on their terms. As an example, a cyclist might want to monitor their power as they are climbing a hill, while they would also like to understand their heart rate threshold and the timeframe between their intervals for a training run. SOLOS allows the athlete to view this information in an informative heads-up manner while also receiving audio prompts sharing the progress. This combined effect is a bit like having your coach with you every step of the way. From the day we are born, we are using our senses to learn, develop and progress. The unique nature of AR Smart Glasses is that it brings together these amazing senses that we as humans were intended to use and allows us to see our performance progress without having to look down or away, hear motivating and inspiring progress updates in real-time and communicate with a coach or other athletes. The promise behind augmented reality (or AR) is that tech integrates and assists with the real world around you. At the risk of stating the obvious, you know your improving in your sport if the numbers tell you so. Data provides you with feedback and reassurance that the time, energy and commitment you are putting in every day is paying off – that is, if it is delivered in a manner that is user friendly. Our mission at SOLOS is: “To create the most advanced smart glass platform to inform and inspire athletes to achieve their full human potential. We will do this by enabling them with a safer and more efficient pathway for accessing real-time performance data, insights and guidance via our proprietary heads-up display, voice and audio technology platform.” 

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