How to Ride and Train in Cold Weather


Here are some general tips to help you ride comfortably through the cold weather.

“There’s no such thing as foul weather, only inadequate gear.”- Source Unknown

Don’t overdress

It is better to be a little chilly at the start of your workout rather than warm. Once your workout gets started you will quickly heat up and start to sweat, which could make for an uncomfortably wet and cold experience if overdressed.

Pay special attention to fingers, toes, and your head

The fingers, toes, and head are the most critical areas to ensure adequate coverage. The extremities lose heat the fastest and are also the most uncomfortable when wet or cold.

For the fingers, we recommend bringing along two pairs of gloves for most wintry riding. Start with wearing a lighter pair that feels right for the conditions, but stuff a warmer pair into your jersey pocket in case your fingers get cold or wet.

The toes cannot be forgotten! Wear the warmest, most breathable socks that will fit properly in your shoes. If they are too bulky, your shoes will be too tight. If the socks are too thin or tight, you may experience hot spots or numbness.

We suggest investing in booties and toe warmers which slip over your shoes and protect against cold and moisture.

Given that a high percentage of heat is lost when your head is cold, you will want to invest in a few different options for covering your head and ears for assorted temperature ranges. Typically, beanie caps, headbands that cover your ears, or ear muffs will work well (more so for running than cycling).

Don’t forget the lungs

Riding or running in cold weather can be unbearable if frigid air hits your lungs, especially when you are breathing deeply during an intense workout.

We recommend having a headliner, fleece hood, or even an exercise mask that you can pull over your mouth when needed. It will get hot if you keep it on for the duration of the workout, so be sure you can easily pull it down or take it off when needed.

Keep your eyes on the road

Cold weather causes inclement conditions, such as icy roads. It’s imperative to stay safe by checking the weather and road reports so you know what to expect. While you’re on the road, keep your eyes focused to maintain proper footing and bike balance.

Pairing SOLOS Smart Glasses with your ride or run during cold weather can help you stay safe on the road as you use the built-in audio and visual cues to enhance your workout without having to look down at a watch or your phone, both of which may be buried beneath layers of clothing.

Layer up

Since you will get warm as your workout progresses, you’ll want to easily be able to shed clothing as comfort and conditions warrant.

We suggest investing in leg, knee, and arm warmers to stay warm. Equipping yourself with packable jackets, vests, and long sleeve jerseys will also help to ensure a comfortable ride or run.


The base layers should be breathable and sweat-wicking to help keep you from feeling wet and cold as you shed the top layers.

When you stop your workout and you are sweating, be sure to layer back up to prevent getting cold and having your muscles tense up.

Don’t forget to do a cooldown to safely transition to a resting position!

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