Product Design

Solos Features
Solos is designed to provide users the ability to personalize their experience to best meet their individual goals for performance. Please select a feature to learn more about the personalized and connected experience.
Heads-Up Pupil® scale display
Solos features a state of the art heads-up display, with technology that delivers a see-through virtual display experience with bright, high-resolution color graphics. The world’s smallest optical display module, measuring only 4mm in height, delivers crisp images on the sunniest of days. Solos features an innovative opto-mechanical adjustment that further enhances personalization of display location, and improves comfort when worn during longer training sessions.
Customization of App
The Solos app is simple and easy to operate, allowing users to select a bike or run preference, then choose from a number of relevant metrics, such as power, heart rate, speed, cadence, and many more. Athletes can customize which metrics to see, when to see them, and even add audio coaching cues and voice commands.
High-Performance Design
Weighing approx. 65g (2.29 oz) Solos are the lightest smart glasses for sports performance on the market. They feature a high-performance quality design for superb comfort and fit. The Solos frames are built to be ultra-durable with polycarbonate that shields from impact, wind, dust and shocks. It features anti-slip temple and adjustable nose pads for ultimate grip during high-intensity training. Solos comes with well-balanced frames including an adjustable nose pad and adhesive rubber inserts for added comfort and grip.
Solos pairs with your phone keeping you connected through phone calls, music, and notifications. Stay on top of your metrics – speed, cadence, power, heart rate, and more by connecting either ANT+ or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors. It’s never been simpler to share and sync workouts, routes, and more via the Solos app. Athletes can also share run and ride data with leading training apps such as Strava, Training Peaks, Under Armour, and more to come.
When you’re pushing your performance limits, don’t let battery life hold you back. Solos Smart Glasses are supplied with rechargeable lithium-ion polymer batteries, offering up to 5 hours of power. Between rides, simply recharge with the supplied Micro USB charger/cable.
Compatibility & Sharing Data
Solos leverages the power of the iPhone, Android phone, or Android Wear 2.0 watch. Solos is compatible and works seamlessly with a range of Bluetooth and ANT+ sensors, including power meters, heart rate monitors, speed and distance devices, and more. Following a workout, the Solos app allows seamless uploading to favorite sites, such as Training Peaks, Strava, and MapMyFitness.
Ready For the Outdoors
Dirt. Dust. Downpours. They don’t stop you, and they won’t stop your Solos Smart Glasses either. Solos features a hardy, rugged design with ingress protection rating IP54 against dust and water. So, come rain or shine, you can stay focused on reaching your goals.
Group Communication
With Solos, you can connect with your peloton or friends and take part in a live audio session. Ensure you keep in touch and share your goals and progress, and ensure you stay safe.
You can snap in and out different lenses to ensure that Solos works well for you in all conditions. The product is shipped with a sunglasses lens and a night lens so that you can use Solos whenever you're ready.
Guided Coaching Prompts
Hear guided audio prompts that share with you how you are performing vs your original planned goals. Provides the athlete with a personalized guided coach that inspires and updates them on their target goal progress. Helps them to stay in the moment and make adjustments at the right time.
Rx Prescription Lenses
If you ride or run with corrective lenses, Solos offers an easily mounted Rx prescription lens insert to fit your Rx needs. Simply take the template to your optician and have your R­X lenses created which will screw into place on your Solos unit.
Navigation Routes
Upload your navigation routes and view turn by turn progress via the heads-up display while receiving visual and audio guided voice updates in real-time. No more fumbling with your phone to figure out directions for your training.
Simple Intuitive Operation
Our built in Voice control drives key actions on the smart glasses, like “start ride”, “show heart rate”, or “make a call”, allowing you to stay hands free and focused.
Ghost Mode
Solos offers thus unique feature, which allows users to pull down a previous workout file from Strava or our app, race against a previous workout or rival "ghost", and track progress through the Solos unit in real-time.

Experience Integration

Solos Smart Glasses are more than just sleek design and lightweight frames. These sunglasses seamlessly merge all your performance data in front of you, untethering you from looking down and keeping your eyes ahead. A more natural and safe way of seeing, hearing, and communicating with your metrics, team, and coach.

Keep Connected

Being an athlete is all about a connection. To your performance, your team, your data. Solos think the same way, by wirelessly connecting to the Solos app where you can customize all the information you see and hear.

Feel Safe

When you feel safe on the road, you’re able to stay fully immersed in the moment and focus more deeply on what really matters. With Solos’ heads-up Pupil Display™, voice commands, and audio features, you no longer have to glance down to get your data or worry about unsafe communication with your team.

Personalize Your Fit

Solos Smart Glasses offer superior design and a truly customized fit—and they need just a bit of fine-tuning before you wear them. Once you adjust the Pupil Display™ arm and get the advanced frames snug to your face, you’ll be off performing in no time.

Integrate With Apps

As an athlete, you likely have an existing personal collection of training tools you already use. Solos connects effortlessly with your regular training sensors and apps like Strava for easy sharing and collaboration. Just connect and go.

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