Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, for more all-day used smart glasses, please visit store.solosglasses.com

Yes, share your Solos ride data on STRAVA, MapMyRide and TrainingPeaks. Note that other platforms use different methods to calculate your data so you may see some differences between the values shown on Solos and those other platforms. For example, some other platforms prioritise GPS data for calculating your distance and speed, whereas Solos primarily uses your speed sensor combined with your wheel circumference (but will back up onto GPS if required).

Solos is iOS and Android compatible (you must be running at least version 6.0 of the Android operating system and version 10.3.3 of the iOS operating system).

Bluetooth 4.0/BLE/ANT+

As most phones do not support ANT+ connectivity, we included an ANT+ radio inside the Solos headset. This means that we can support ANT+ sensors but that they can only connect when your headset is connected to your phone.

Speed, cadence, heart rate, power zones, calories, distance, elevation and more.

Solos provides real-time information at-a-glance so you don’t have to look down while riding.

Solos was a proud sponsor of Team USA Cycling for the Rio Games in 2016.

Yes, Solos has a repositionable display arm to accommodate the rider. The Quick-Start Guide shipped with each headset provides an overview of how the three modes of adjustment work and we also provide a tutorial video at: https://vimeo.com/211508119

The resolution is WQVGA (16X9)

The frames are made out of low density thermoplastic-polyamide nylon blend.

The lenses are made out of Trivex Polymer. Solos ships with a darkened sunglasses lens.

The battery is designed for up to 6 hours of run time.

Solos offers a 1 year limited warranty.

Solos is owned by Kopin.

The Solos Optics were designed to be focused at 2 meters which is similar to the bikes ahead of you or a road sign. The Solos Virtual Image and data screens are 3x larger than a typical bike computer which makes it easier to read than your typical bike computer or smartphone. In addition, we are working on options for prescription interchangeable lenses for early 2017.

Due to security restrictions in Apple’s iOS platform and accessory protocol, we cannot initiate a reconnection from the iPhone to the headset. We have implemented a mechanism however that will allow you to connect from your headset to your iPhone. When disconnected (but paired), press the middle button on your headset and it will initiate a connection back to the iPhone and your Solos app.

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