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What They're Saying...

What They're Saying...

"One of our favorite products from Media Night was the new Kopin Solos smart glass display."

Aero Geeks

What They're Saying...

"Putting that data stream in your peripheral vision lets you stay on top of it without looking down at a computer....The result is Vista, which is about one quarter the size of anything else out there."

Bike Rumor

What They're Saying...

"Solos ... makes it easier to see how your ride's going in the moment and analyze your performance stats and GPS directions. The text on this 4mm display looks easy-to-read without getting in the way"

Men's Journal

What They're Saying...

"if you're serious about your bike then Solos might be a good entry point into next-gen wearable tech."


What They're Saying...

“We worked in conjunction with the Solos team from the ground up to develop a wearable technology that could be a game changer in the industry and have a great impact across the board.”

Andy Sparks Director of Track Cycling Programs USA Cycling

What They're Saying...

"This is definitely a tool to help you improve bike performance"

Sarah Hammer Two Time Olympic Silver Medalist, US Olympic Team Member 2016

What They're Saying...

"It’s cool to have a dual purpose glasses and power meter all at once"

Ruth Winder US Olympic Team Member 2016

What They're Saying...

"Without the access to this data and this technology we would not be where we are today. So a big thank you to Solos for supporting Team USA on our way to Rio"

Kelly Catlin 2016 World Champion, US Olympic Team Member 2016

What They're Saying...

"It’s just super awesome"

Chloe Dygert 2016 World Champion, US Olympic Team Member 2016

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