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Improve. Excel. Win.
To create the most advanced “smart glass” platform to inform and inspire athletes to achieve their full human potential. We will do this by enabling them with a safer and more efficient pathway for accessing real-time performance data, insights and guidance via our proprietary heads-up display, voice and audio technology platform.

Bio-Inspired. Tech Enabled. USA Cycling Approved.

Solos cycling glasses were developed based on a deep understanding of the human body, the technologies necessary to enhance performance and the needs of elite cyclists. Stemming from research in the fields of biomechatronics Solos aims to advance and enhance user-experiences with wearable technology.

cyclist wearing solos

Solos and the USA Cycling team partnered ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to empower cyclists with the critical data they need to train with precision and achieve optimal performance. Members of the USA Cycling team were given exclusive early access to Solos smart cycling sunglasses in an effort to gather and incorporate crucial feedback into the Solos HUD glasses design.

In addition to collaborating with the USA Cycling team, Solos launched a Kickstarter campaign on May 25, 2016. Within one day, the campaign was 100% funded. The Kickstarter goal was exceeded in just over 24 hours. The Kickstarter response was so overwhelming, additional units were added to the campaign.

Solos HUD cycling glasses were designed to have an impact in the wearable market that extends far beyond the realm of cycling. Smart glasses have been considered by top analysts as the future real winners in the wearable market. Their potential to deliver true hands-free operation and near-eye display give them unparalleled advantages over other wearable products.

What They're Saying...

"Solos ... makes it easier to see how your ride's going in the moment and analyze your performance stats and GPS directions. The text on this 4mm display looks easy-to-read without getting in the way"

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