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Solos Smart Glasses

Smart Communication.
Ultimate Performance.

Designed to perform.

  • Microphone/Micro Speakers

    • Voice controlled data access
    • Audible coaching prompts
    • Two-way group communication
    • Wireless audio compatibility
    • Near-ear design for
      ambient awareness
  • High-Resolution Display

    • Optimal visibility and see-through display, without distracting
    • Sharp display in any light
    • New generation, adjustable, Vista™ pupil display
  • Aerodynamic Frames

    • Minimal wind resistance
    • Lightweight and comfortable
    • Strong, military spec design
  • Advanced Lenses

    • High impact, Trivex polymer material
    • Optimal vision and protection
    • Interchangeable lenses
  • Lithium Cell Power

    • Powerful, lightweight battery
    • 5 hours of run time
    • Mini USB charging

With innovative features & functionality, Solos unleashes new possibilities for serious athletes.

Empowering Performance

Speed. Power. Cadence. HR. Coaching. With Solos you get the data you need, right when you need it. Without looking down. Without breaking stride. Without losing focus. You see it right in front of you and hear it right in the moment. A new way of communicating that eliminates the gaps between data and your performance.

Elegant Integration

Performance sunglasses that didn’t stop at good looks and lightweight design. Solos smart glasses deliver critical information to the athlete in a seamless, integrated fashion through sight and sound. A more natural way of communicating that’s safer and immediate, keeping you focused, present and fully aware.

Passion and Purpose

Performance oriented. Detail obsessed. Purposeful in every way. Solos smart glasses bring together the same qualities as the elite athletes who helped developed them. From USA Cycling riders to top triathletes and runners, their passion for performance is supported and furthered through every Solos detail and feature.

Seamless Connectivity

No top athlete reaches their peak on their own. Collaboration is critical. Which is exactly the way Solos are designed to work. The Solos app connects to the glasses via bluetooth and easily pairs with the sensors you use. And a simple internet connection lets you share all your information to training tools like Strava and TrainingPeaks.

By communicating the data and coaching you want, at the moment you want it, Solos will evolve the way you train and perform.